Monday, August 9, 2010

Cook-off, Jonathan vs Tara: SOUP!

Sorry for the long hiatus loyal internet!  We had kind of a long break from cook-off due to everyone except myself (Kaitlyn), leaving town for various exciting locales.  Finally we got back together at Rachel's house on a hot Memphis evening to consume copious amounts of soup. The ingredients were tomatoes and cheese. 

Tara was very excited about all the prep she was doing.  And she was wearing an adorable dress/belt combination.
Dear Jonathan seemed more contemplative about his prep than excited.  I believe he was, at this point, stirring cornbread batter.
Eva, in the front-left, seems astonished by something that is being said.  This is not surprising as Eva is very expressive.  She's also a waitress and works at a museum here in Memphis.  She's newish in our group of friends, introduced by Tara (and her husband John Paul).  Tara works with Eva and they live in the same building.  Good story, no?

This is Tara's plate.  She served us a home-roasted heirloom tomato and curry soup, roasted red pepper goat cheese fritters, and three tomato lettuce wrap.

Again, Tara's plate.  Her soup was incredible.  I couldn't eat it fast enough, in fact, I quickly dispensed with the spoon and drank it.  It was complex and multi-layered and delicious. Her salad was also perfect.  It was well dressed and juicy and good.  I do not have words for her fritters.  Ho-ley crap.

This is Jonathan's plate, or rather, bowl.  He served us a blackeyed pea soup that had been cooked in a delightful vegetable stock and poured over goat cheese.  Goat cheese and blackeyed peas do not seem like a likely combination but... wow.  Wow.  He also made a delicious fire-roasted tomato parmesean cornbread.  It was awesome.

In the end, after much deliberation, Tara came out on top.  She won both the taste and presentation categories though Jonathan won creativity.  (Goat cheese and blackeyed peas...)

Next up:  Cocktails!!! (That was interesting.)

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