About Us

One warm summer evening, in the haze of smoke and beer that is the Lamplighter, an Italian man and an American woman got to arguing over who could make a better pasta from scratch.  Someone demanded that two specific ingredients be included in each of their dishes.  They would be judged for taste, presentation, and creativity.  Thus, the cook-off was born.

We are an ever-growing group including, but not limited to:

Kaitlyn is a poetry graduate student at the University of Memphis.  Writes about octopi, creepy dreams, and murderous chefs.  Reads cookbooks and etiquette books for fun.

Michael is like Paula Dean meets Florida Evans in his attempts at culinary greatness. His food is unhealthy, un-aesthetic, and un-appealing in theory, but somehow it fucking works.

Ashley is a graduate student who writes stories for fun and product descriptions for money. Left to her own lonely devices, she doesn't really cook, but she loves to cook for groups and with others.  Mostly, she likes to demand to know when the next cook-off is happening, who is doing it, and what the secret ingredients are. Then she likes to invite the people to it.