Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cook-off #1 Pasta!

In the ring for the first cook-off of the season we have: Kaitlyn (ME!) and Antonio.  The rules of the game are as follows:
  • Competitors are given two ingredients- in this case eggplant and walnuts.
  • Competitors are given a food category- pasta.
  • Competitors must use the two ingredients creatively throughout their dishes.
  • Judging is conducted by everyone who attends the event in three categories, five points each for taste, presentation, and creativity.  
Antonio plated and served first.

Walnut ricotta tortellini.
 Served in hollowed out eggplants in an eggplant tomato sauce with walnut ricotta on top of basil leaves.

He's so happy when he plates his food!

Ashley is a very serious judge.

Ben is not a very serious judge.  At all.  

I served my food next:

Black pepper fettuccine drying.

Stirring my walnut Alfredo sauce.

Plating.  I served eggplant rounds topped with black pepper fettuccine and black walnut Alfredo,  topped by eggplant chips and chives from my garden.

This was the prize!  Jenny made us a golden fork.  
Antonio won!  I was super disappointed.  If I remember correctly (which is somewhat unlikely) I won the presentation category and he won for taste and creativity.  Or maybe I won creativity and he won presentation.  Later posts will be better about documenting these things.  

Next up:  Jenny vs. Jonathan in a massive breakfast cook-off.  

Secret Ingredients:  tomato and tumeric. 

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