Monday, June 28, 2010

Cook Off Challenge #2: Breakfast! Jenny vs Jonathan

We had conflicting camps in terms Jenny and Jon's breakfast-off. And by "conflicting," I don't mean conflicting so much as a little hemming and hawing.

Hem #1: Well, this really needs to happen on a weekend morning, since it's breakfast and all [not that any of us really had morning jobs at this point or anything].

Hem #2: If we have breakfast, it's going to be so early, guhhh.

Hem #3: Well, we'll make it at brunch time.

Hem #4: But brunch is entirely different from breakfast and the challenge is for breakkfassst [very true and practical hem].

Hem #5: Stop your whining; you're going to get awesome free breakfast food and the chance to get drunk in the early hours (if you so choose, and you usually so choose) without any judgment.

[Some of those hems were probably haws and some may not have existed at all.]

People started gathering at Jon's at 1ish on May 15. Sam, Antonio, and I bought some kind of citrus vodka and tomato juice because why not? I'd never made Bloody Mary's before, though, and I will say that I definitely would not have won the Bloody Mary-off had it been that day (not that I would win it were it to happen tomorrow, either). Maybe I should have brought something else. Oh, except, hey I did--stale donuts. I was pretty much 0 for 2.

[Also, the quality of these pictures are not so good--making me 0 for 3, then. Though, in my defense, I got kicked out of that kitchen pretty early on.]

The Ma'am and Sir had to include turmeric and potatoes. No hemming or hawing about it.

It's a good thing that Jonathan totally had it together.

Here he's cooking up a great potato dish with turmeric--and the beautiful looking pot in the back is an amazing blueberry reduction.

There were bowls made of tomato shells and eggs and turmeric turmeric turmeric--we will get the recipes put up as soon as we gather them together.

Potatoes! They were served in a tomato bowl. All of us ate our bowls.

Jenny made sweet potatoes with turmeric. She offered also her own stuffed tomato (again, we ate the bowl) as well as an amazing breakfast filo pie.

Both cooks made entirely vegetarian meals, even though Jonathan had previously said he would include bacon.

It was all amazing. Sam was the one to first say, "Best club, ever," and I got a thrill (I assume everyone else did, too) when I realized that this could really keep happening.

We had approximately 10 in attendance, and Jenny won the shining breakfast star award. Around 3, we all went home to nap, and Sam and Emily went home to prepare for the next challenge: Asian with honey and leeks.

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